Turn on Google 2-Step Verification

Google has come out with a new way of setting up google 2-step verification also known as two-factor authentication to it’s updated version of the Gmail app. This is to help its users secure their accounts better. This is a way to ensure their users are using 2FA over less secure methods like text codes.

What is google 2-step verification?

Two-factor authentication (2fa), is adding an extra step while logging in to an online account, where users are to provide two different kinds of information. It is a way to make sure the computer system knows who you are, letting the computer know you have the right accessing the data you are. Usernames and passwords fall under single-factor authentication, but passwords have become less secure as the amount of breaches increases. Therefore, it is the safest to go for two-factor authentication. With two factor authentication, you would need to add some other form of identity other than your username and password.

How to turn on google 2- step verification?

Turning on google 2- step verification is fairly easy, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Log on to your Gmail account

Step 2: Click on your profile icon (profile picture or the initials of your name) and select the google account

gmail profile initial

Step 3: Click on the security

Step 4: Choose the 2-step verification option

google security tab

Step 5: Select Get Started

google 2-step verification

Step 6: Enter your Gmail password and click next

Step 7: Type in your phone number to receive codes through text message or a phone call, then click next.

Step 8: Enter the verification code you just received, click next

Step 9: Lastly click Turn on, to activate google 2-step verification.

Types of google 2-step verification methods for Gmail

Phone prompt

To make sure the user is really who they say are while signing in, a prompt will be sent to the user’s phone. The user can simply tap the prompt to help prove it is really them or to let google know to help them protect the account. Phone prompts help to improve security and are much more convenient than codes.

Text message (SMS) or call

To ensure the user is really them, a 6 digit code is sent to their phone for verification. Users can choose to get this code via text or through a voice call. Users then just have to enter the code and assure it is really them.

Security Key

Security Key (dongle) is a small device bought by users to prove it is them signing in. Users can simply connect the key to their device (phone, tablet or computer). Users can also use the security key built into a phone that is compatible to sign in to their computer.

Tip: Security keys are the best and most secure methods to keep one’s account safe.

Set up backups

Backups are very helpful if users are having trouble accessing their accounts. For example, they may have forgotten their password, lost their phone or are unable to sign in for any other reason. Backups act as insurance so users long lose everything if they misplace their devices or get locked out of their accounts.

Follow these easy steps to set up a backup for your google account:

Step 1: Log in to your google account

Step 2: Click on the “Security” option

Step 3: On the “Signing into Google” option, click on google 2-step verification.

Users must add a second step after their password and username, like:
-Backup codes
-Authenticator app codes
-Backup phone

Steps to set up Google 2-step verification using an android device

Two step verification adds an extra layer of security to your account, follow these steps to set up google 2FA to your android device:

Step 1: Click on the profile picture or icon with the initials of your name

Step 2: On top, click on “Security”

Step 3: Under signing in to google select 2 step verification

Step 4: Click on get started

Step 5: Follow the steps on the screen

Steps to set up google 2- step verification using iOS application

Step 1: On your iOs device go to the Gmail app

Step 2: Select the menu

Step 3: Click on settings > click “your account”> Manage your Google account

Step 4: On the top, click on security

Step 5: Select the Get started option

Step 6: Follow the steps on the screen.

Common issues with google 2FA

2FA is a way to add an extra layer of security to your account, but users may still face some issues with this.

Not having your phone with you

If you have set up 2FA, chances are you set it up in a way where the code gets sent to your phone, this becomes a real issue if your phone isn’t with you. In such a case if you ever added a secondary email or phone number you have used that or you may have to contact the help desk.

My phone was stolen

If you misplaced your phone it would be best to let Help Desk know. They can make all the necessary updates to your account. After all the settings have been cleared, you will need to redo the 2FA process before being able to sign in.

I don’t get the verification code text on my phone/device

Just restart your phone and ensure you have given all the correct information. Another reason may be your phone’s notifications are turned off, make sure you have notifications turned on you can receive the code. Lastly, it is very important to make sure you are connected to a stable internet connection, check your router or have a friend text you at the same time to make sure your phone is receiving messages.

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