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Google Drive Login

Nowadays with advanced technology, everything seems to be at the tip of our fingers, we can instantly take and send pictures, store and transfer important documents and so much more. With all these advancements comes the trouble of storage. Where do we store so much data? This is where google drive plays a major role in today’s world.

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What is Google Drive?

We will forever be thankful to Google for making our lives easier, they introduced Google Drive ( on 24th April 2012. It is basically a cloud storage space where you can store any kind of data such as pictures, audio files, video clips, documents, etc.

You can organize and back up your data on a network portal while sharing it with other users with no risks of security. People use cloud services by using google drive account login or google drive mobile sign in and they pay for it on a monthly basis. On the other hand, Google offers its users 15 GB (Gigabytes) and all for free, you can access these features with your google drive login credentials.

 Google drive ensures to always backup all your important data without having to pay anything, losing phones was a total nightmare earlier, but now things are so much easier as you can back up everything. Also, it helps to free up space on the device you are using making it easier to store newer files.

More about Google Drive

Whether you are using iOs, android, windows or mac, google drive sign in/up options are available to all users. There is also an offline version available in case you don’t always have access to the internet.

For your photos and other attachments

Powerful search option: The drive is able to recognize objects in your pictures, lets say you are searching for a picture of the Statue of Liberty, one that was taken by you, it will show results of any images saved in your google drive with the Statue of Liberty.

Chromebooks: You can back up all your files and photos using the newly added feature called Chromebooks. You can get up to a 100 GB of free storage space for up to two years.

Google photos: Want that professional photoshopped look to your photos? You can get that look by storing your pictures on google drive adding effects, animations movies and much more.


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For office related work

Create documents, sheets or slides all using google drive. This is all in one and makes it much easier as you don’t have to download different apps or software for it. Just use your google drive sign in passes on login and you’re good to go

Google forms: Send our surveys/questionnaires using this feature and get your results in nice analytical formats or in an easy to understand excel worksheet.

Google Drawings: Create charts, tables, graphs or any other diagrams and add them to your slides or presentations. You can also directly embed them on your website using google drawings.

More added value?

Users can scan their documents with google drive mobile sign in, but this is only available for android. Take a snap of your document and it will get stored on your google drive as a pdf file immediately.

Work offline: Make your documents/photos available offline so you can view or work on them even when you don’t have access to the internet.

Look back: You can look on up edits made up to 30 days ago (edit history) and go back to previous functions making file versioning easy.

How to login to

For those who already have an existing Gmail account, you don’t need to sign up, you can simply log in through your email ID and password at But those who don’t have a google account appearance, first need to sign up.

To sign up a google account, go to, scroll down till ‘get started with google drive – go to google drive’ click on it and you will be navigated to another page with google accounts, click ‘Use another account’ and then ‘create an account’ on the next page you see. Select from options of ‘Myself’ or ‘My Business’ according to your need.
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The adjoining web page will get you on the sign-up form. Submit your first and last name there. Type an email id for yourself; you may get suggestions for improvising/changing if your given ID already exists, meaning a current user already has the same id. Finally, Setup a strong password for the security of your account, confirm the password and click next. By now the google drive will be all set to roll.

Logging in with your mobile application

Google made applications for both android and iOS users. But the below guidelines are specifically for Android smartphones.

Mobiles now come up with storage of 16, 32, 64, also 259 GB and yet we are always falling short on space and here google drive becomes the night in shining armor.

Most of the smartphones have a built-in feature for a drive but in case you don’t have it for some reason you can easily access and download it through the google play store app. Google drive can be approached by just opening the application. If you already have a Gmail account, just hop onto it with your Gmail account login credentials. However, if you’re new to it you may sign up with the same procedure as mentioned above for the browser.

Benefits of Google Drive

  • If you tend to use Gmail, and you have an attachment of 25 MBs or above, Gmail always automatically creates a google drive link for it rather than making it an attachment, which makes it easier to send and receive large files without any hassle.
  • Any essential document or at media file can be backed up to drive and can stay safe there for hundreds of years. That makes it safer than a mobile or pen drives which has a chance of getting exploited any time.
  • An excellent search engine gives it an edge. You can search for any keyword and drive can go through data from people who have kept the public and could come to your use.