Google classroom 101

What is Google classroom?

Google Classroom made by google is a completely free web service. It has been made to make the lives of students and teachers easier. It intends to put together all school tasks like projects, assignments, class lectures, etc in one place. It’s advantages include going paperless and completely making the way of education go “digital”.

It is possible to do classes and have teachers and students interact with each other without going to an actual class. It has proven to be one of the most efficient ways of communication among teachers and students.

How to login to Google Classroom

You must have a Gmail account in order to make an account in google classroom.

Step1: Log on to and click on go to Classroom home

Step2: Type in your Gmail email and password

google classroom login

Step3: A message appears, read it and click “Continue”.

classroom welcome message

Step4: Those using a G-Suite education account, click “I’m a teacher” or “I’m a student”.

Step5: In the last step click on get started and your google classroom login is done!

How to create your first class with Google Classroom

Step1: After finishing the google classroom login procedure, the welcome screen appears, click on the plus sign on top and click on create class.

first class with google classroom

Step2: You can see the create class dialogue box appears, enter class name and section.

create class box

Step3: And finally, click create!

How to invite students and co-teachers

Now you can use google classroom as you have completed the steps above. To invite students, follow the steps below:

Step1: Click and open the class you need.

Step2: Click on people which is located at the top and then click on invite students.

invite student to classroom

Step3: Enter the students or groups email address

Step4: When the search results appear, click on it and then choose group or student

invite student

Step5: If you wish to invite more students, you need to repeat steps 3 and 4

Step6: Lastly, click on Invite.

Once the invite has been sent , the list will automatically get updated to show students who have been invited to attend the class.

Google classroom lets you invite teachers to class to help co-ordinate class activities. Users have the option of inviting a group of teachers or just an individual teacher.

Here’s how you can invite co-teachers:

Step1: Choose the correct class you wish to add co-teachers or groups to.

Step2: Then on top, click on people

invite teachers to class

Step3: Teachers may be invited individually or as a group. After clicking on enter the classroom will show you matching addresses you ma choose from.

invite teachers box

Step4: If you are to invite more teachers, repeat step 3.

Step5: Click on the invite.

Once the invite has been sent, the teacher must click on the URL sent in the email or login to Google classroom and click accept on the class card.

Communicating in class

This is how teachers can communicate with their students using google classroom:

Step1: Navigate to

Step2: Now choose class of the student you wish to email

Step3: Click on people

Step4: Beside the student’s name, there’s an email option, click on it

Step5: In the new email, type in the mail and send it to the student.

How to create an assignment

Teachers have the option of creating assignments to post immediately, saving it as a drafts or scheduling to have it posted on a specific time. The following steps show you how:

Step1: Select the class you require and then classwork tab

Step2: Click on create on the top left corner and then click on assignment

create assignment

Step3: Enter the title and any other instructions

Step4: Next step is to click on the down bar and select the class or classes you wish to include

Note: Remember, teachers can’t post an assignment for a single student across multiple classes. Posts to multiple classes are shared and viewed by all the students.

Assignments can be added as attachments using Google drive

Step1: Click on the drive

attach assignment from drive

Step2: Choose the item you wish to attach and click add
add assignment from google drive

To attach a file:

  1. Click attach
  2. Choose the file from documents, and upload.

Here’s how you can add the syllabus:


Step1: Click on the down arrow next to topic

Step2: To be able to create a topic, click the create topic and enter the topic name

Step3: Click on the topic you choose from the list.

How to complete and submit assignments

Class assignments completed by students can be seen in stream or classwork pages. After students complete their work, they can submit it online using google classroom. Teachers will be able to see what you submitted and then mark it.
Assignments can be submitted using two methods:

  1. When students have attach anything, they need to go to turn in an assignment
  2. If there is no need of attachments, go to mark an assignment as done.

It is possible for students to edit and correct their assignments even after sending it, if the teacher has not opened it yet.

How to turn in an assignment:

Click the class and then click on the assignment you have to do.

If there’s a form attached to the assignment, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the form and answer the questions
  2. Click submit then mark as done and then confirm
  3. If it’s only the form, your assignment is turned in, if there’s more work in the assignment then click on open assignment.

Mark as done

  1. Click on class then click on the assignment
  2. Click mark as done
  3. Comments can be added under private comments for your teacher to see, this is completely optional.


How can the assignments be graded?

By using google classroom teachers have various ways of grading students, like numeric, comments only or a combination of both:

  1. Click on the class whose assignments you are about to grade
  2. On top you can see classwork, click on it and then click the assignment and then click on view assignment.
  3. Put in grade next to the students name and it will get saved automatically
  4. Enter the grades for any other students in class.
  5. Let students know about their grades by returning the submission


Google classroom aims to take your classes productivity and efficiency to another level.

Here are some of the many reasons why you need to start using google classroom:

Go paperless

Yes, you heard right! With google classroom, you can do more than an ordinary class without having to carry around heavy books and papers. All your work is saved in cloud storage. This is also helping the environment, no more cutting down trees for paper, this means there is more oxygen for us! Only a Gmail account is required to login to google classroom instantly.

Manage workflow easily

Teachers don’t have to walk around the class and ask students to give their homework and assignments. Google classroom manages everything for them. Like deadlines, how many students have submitted their work etc. It shows students who are not submitting their work on time.

Easily monitor students progress

All of the work that is done by the student is saved in one place, this will let teachers see how well students are doing in different homework and assignments. Teachers can then tell students how they can do better and give them advice using the comments option.

Never lose work

As everything is saved online, students don’t have to worry about carrying homework books or pen drives to submit their work. They can easily submit their work from any location using any device available to them. Teachers also don’t have to hear excuses like “My dog ate my homework”.

The App

The google classroom app lets students and teachers keep updated even when they are not in front of a desktop or laptop. Students will get notifications about homework and assignments as soon as they have been posted. Teachers can also send updates about homework from anywhere and not have to carry around a heavy laptop.

No more extra copies

Even if students are absent and missed out on announcements, teachers can always update them through google classroom without having to make extra copies of the assignment.

View all with one screen

You can see all the work done by a single student on one screen, this takes away the stress of looking at every test paper and classwork/ homework done one at a time to know how well the student is doing.


Google classroom is completely free! What more can one want or expect for something that doesn’t cost a single penny. Google classroom is continuously improving and adding new features to make the virtual experience of a classroom more life like.

Makes it easier for students and teachers

As technology continues to advance all university students need to submit their work online, google classroom helps students learn these things from an early age so they don’t find it difficult on higher levels. Teachers have the opportunity to easily create projects and work for everyone or individuals.

Group work

Teachers can divide students into groups and have them work together using google docs.


Teachers can have real type discussions and ask questions just like an actual class by using the option “create question”. The settings can be set to private so only teachers can see the responses or they can also allow students to discuss among themselves.

Involve the parents

There is guardian summaries option which will send an overview of weekly classwork and homework being done. It will give parents an idea about what is being covered in class and how their child is progressing. Student missing work or those who did poorly in a test, their parents can easily stay informed.

Google classroom is a brilliant way to reform modern education, it benefits are numerous for both students and teachers. As the world continues to advance students need to have technological skills from a young age in order for them to stay competitive.

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